The Accord of Last Redoubt

For this week’s Lost Citadel RPG blog post, we take a take a look at the historic treaty and piece of legislation that established the realities of life inside the walls of mankind’s last remaining city.

The city wasn’t always called Redoubt. The dwarves who built it and inhabited it alone for centuries called it Elldimek, meaning “saints’ refuge” in their tongue. After humanity’s remaining ranks swelled the city to teeming, and the native inhabitants were made increasingly small minority, humanity pressed its advantage, betraying its hosts at every turn. The dwarves revolted in a bid to reclaim their sovereignty over their home.

Under the leadership and strategies of the Angat warmasters, the dwarven revolt was soon put down, and humanity gathered to discuss and then sign into law a new world order. They called this the Accord of Last Redoubt.  Among its highlights were as follows:

  • The name of the city changed from Elldimek to Redoubt.
  • The spearheads of the revolt were drawn and quartered in the city square; most of the dwarf nobility were exiled from the city; and the remaining dwarves lost their right to assumed freedom, becoming slaves in their friends’ and neighbors’ homes.
  • The nobilities and interests of each of humanity’s major human cultures — the Angat, Menhada, Ouazi, Surinzan, and Venmir— were granted guarantees of holdings and representation under the new system of government.
  • It established two special orders to see to the city’s needs: The Foresters, who brave the wilds beyond the walls; and the Takers, who handle treatment and disposal of the dead.